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Google Without Internet- Google SMS search

Now a days most of us are having SMS pack activated on our numbers. So, why not to take Google Search  benefit using the SMS ?


Google is a giant search engine on Internet  and in order remain the giant it added another feather in its cap by  launching SMS search service in India during the year 2008. The benefit of this is that you don’t  need  to have an internet connection on your phone  and still you could access /search Google by just sending an SMS.  Ok, So on what number you do have to send SMS ?


Amazon launched in india as juglee.com

Finally of the e-commerce giant Amazon  goes live for  indian customers with the domain name “junglee.com’ .  The site is still in its  development (beta)phase. The site has about 30 different  departments with over 6.2 crore products.

amazon junglee

The site at present just act as a catalog for products where you can compare prices of the same product from different sellers. This means that you cannot buy anything directly from this site. This is not a transactional site yet. So when you choose to buy a product you will be redirected to the sellers website which have their own payment procedure and refund policies. The site redirect  the users to amazon.co.uk during sign up.

Filipkart and similar sites has got a competition now !! 


File sharing websites blocked

After the US congress pulled back the SOPA and PIPA bill from the house last week, now DOJ America has started blocking the


major file sharing sites in order put a check on antipiracy. 


Facebook Access on mobile without internet

Want to access Facebook  and have no web-enabled phone ?? Don’t  worry. Now you can access your facebook account on your antique phones by dialing *325#, which is USSD based. Ofcourse without any data plan.



Free Wi-Fi access by Google in India

Google offers to its Indian user, free Wi-Fi to increase the use of social networks in Google, and Google + YouTube.Usage provided by O-Zone networks operate on the first three months and allows unlimited use of G +, and 10 mins free browsing to


YouTube in one week, but other sites are accessible on payment per minute. O-Zone is in talks with Google to make its long-term contracts. O-Zone Networks CEO Sanjiv Sarin said the exclusive marketing partner.



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