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Google Without Internet- Google SMS search

Now a days most of us are having SMS pack activated on our numbers. So, why not to take Google Search  benefit using the SMS ?


Google is a giant search engine on Internet  and in order remain the giant it added another feather in its cap by  launching SMS search service in India during the year 2008. The benefit of this is that you don’t  need  to have an internet connection on your phone  and still you could access /search Google by just sending an SMS.  Ok, So on what number you do have to send SMS ?

The number is +919773300000.

Google SMS search number is not a premium number like (54345), it is a local number and you will not be charged a single buck if your SMS pack activated ( Black out days are exception) and works with all the current operators.  You can get any query answered by texting the right SMS to that number. You can get News, cric scrores, pnr status, word meaning,stock rates, currency conversion , driving direction et al. Send “help” to get a list of helping keywords for making the search .

Don’t forget to add you new friend’s i.e google search number into your phonebook today.

Did I mention that your new friend can help you with the English section(vocab) in your written exams!!!


  • PNR  1234567892
  • Q&A  your question
  • Define  Desired word

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