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Call free to USA

Want to call your  gf/bf, friends, fiancé or relatives living  in USA / Cananda at their mobile or landline for free ?? You have landed at the right page.

free call

You must be wondering how can it be possible !  Google hai na . Yes, Gmail provides US/Canada users to call within US/Canada at free of cost.  So how could call for free while seating in locations other then US/Canada ?

The answer is using a proxy server.  Ok,no more beating around the bush. Steps for setting proxy server using vpnod.

  1. Send and email to promotion and mention VPNOD in the subject line.
  2. You will instantly receive the settings in your mailbox.
  3. Now click start -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center
  4. Click on “Set up a new connection or network” , a new window will pop up, choose “connect to a workplace” option and hit next.
  5. Then select the “create new connection” radio button and hit next
  6. In this window click on “Use my internet connection (VPN).
  7. Type “vpn.vpnod.com” in the internet address field (without inverted commas) and VPNOD in the destination field. Press next
  8. Now enter your email address in the user fieldthe password  (which you received in your mail ) in the password field. Leave the domain field blank and press connect.
  9. Your are done configuring your proxy vpn.

Now activate your google voice account by clicking here. And then go back to your gmail. Reopen or refresh the gmail. You will notice a new icon “Call phone” at the top of your chat contacts. Click the icon and start calling your buddies for free.

Other uses:

  • If you are visiting China , where facebook is blocked, you can use this trick to access the same.
  • If skype is blocked in your country then also you can use this trick to access skype.

PS: You must have running internet connection in order to connect with VPNOD. 




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